business-cont-imgWhen your server crashes or a disaster destroys your organization’s hardware, how will you access your data and continue operations? Total Computer Solutions partners with Datto to offer you more than just a backup – we offer you the tools to continue working in the event of a disaster.

Keep Running With the Cloud

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC & DR) from TCS not only creates physical backups of your critical data, but it also replicates images of your data in the cloud. In the event of a server failure or other disaster, you can access your data and continue operations on any device with Internet access, even if your company computers are inoperable.

In the meantime, Datto loads your most recent backup onto a new appliance and ships it directly to you. Once you receive the appliance, you can work locally again and resume backups as normal.

Not a Traditional Backup

Our BC & DR solutions do more than just backup your data. Your business receives numerous benefits impossible to achieve with traditional backups.

It’s Fast

Downtime after a crash or disaster is as little as hours, minutes, or even seconds.

No Risk of Human Error

The backup is automated, so you never have to worry about compromising the quality of your data.

Backup Confirmation

Datto takes a screenshot each time your data is backed up, ensuring the backup is successful and complete.

Multiple Backups Made Easy

Copying traditional backups is tedious, but Datto automatically saves your backup in multiple locations.

Encrypt Critical Data

Your data is secure with AES-256 and SSL key-based encryption, meeting industry regulations such as HIPPA and SOX.

The Statistics Speak for Themselves

If you don’t think BC & DR is important to the life of your organization, consider these statistics:

of PCs will fail this year.

of companies said they have experienced a full data disaster.

of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within one year.

Don’t let a disaster compromise your operations. Schedule a complimentary analysis with TCS today and learn how we can protect you against data loss ($150 value).