Total Computer Solutions provides solutions for businesses and organizations in need of computers, antivirus software, servers, security systems, telephones, and more. Our courteous and professional team of technicians installs and services each product, which is built to exacting standards for exceptional reliability and longevity.

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Business Servers & Computers

At TCS, we construct every computer based on your specific needs and applications using only the highest quality components. As an Intel Gold Level reseller, we proudly use Intel technology, one of the top brands known for reliability and stability. When you choose TCS, you receive the finest products, local delivery and service, set up, and a one-year hardware warranty.

Video Surveillance & Access Control

Video surveillance is a crucial aspect of your business’ security. Here at TCS, we understand the importance of security for any organization – whether you’re a small, private business or a local law enforcement agency, you need a reliable security system. TCS can provide a high-quality video surveillance system that will meet your organization’s specific needs. TCS uses products from vendors including Honeywell and can provide systems ranging from small one-camera systems with a digital video recorder (DVR) to network video servers with numerous cameras. We can develop a custom video surveillance system that meets the security requirements and budget of your organization.

When most people think about security systems, video surveillance is the immediate image that comes to mind. However, just as important as high-quality video surveillance is reliable access control. In fact, these two security systems work hand in hand to bolster the safety of your business. Access control solutions include keypads, remote controls, proximity badges, and more. Certain industries may require further complexity in their access control system, such as auditing of access. Auditing of access allows you to track who accessed what area of your building and at what time, making it a valuable tool for industries like health care and law enforcement. TCS provides custom access control solutions tailored to your needs.


Telephone Systems

When you choose TCS to design your phone system, our team of professionals works with you to determine your specific needs. Once the configuration is determined, we will configure and program the system, and install it in your offices along with any necessary cabling. With the added capabilities of music on hold, uninterruptable power supplies (battery backup units), and maintenance contracts, you can be assured the NEC telephone system we install will meet your needs for years to come. Whether your business is small with one location or large with multiple locations around the country, our phone systems exceed expectations and meet your every requirement. And any time you deal with TCS, you can expect professional and courteous customer service from start to finish.

Network & Security Appliances

TCS provides several network appliances to set up or improve your network. We install each appliance, recommending solutions [link to network solutions on services page] to fit your needs and always ensuring your network performs properly. Our network appliances create business continuity and sustainability, so your technology serves you, rather than you serving your technology. We do everything from connecting one office to the network to setting up dual networks for your organization.

TCS uses SonicWall firewall solutions to protect you at the Internet gateway from virus and spyware attacks, intrusion attacks, and more. SonicWall appliances also allow you to filter content, blocking certain websites or offensive material. We completely customize the system for you, and can even restrict activity from certain geographical locations. SonicWall analyzes your Internet usage and sends us a report outlining the previous day’s activities. If we notice anything out of the ordinary, we alert you immediately and help you decipher the threat.

AVG Antivirus Software

We are a Gold Level reseller of AVG Antivirus software, the most reliable antivirus solution on the market. We offer AVG’s newest antivirus software and remote IT offerings, which include online backups and daily monitoring of your computer’s protection against threats. With consistent monitoring from dedicated technicians, TCS can ensure that your antivirus software is always doing its job. We also provide local support for installation and deployment, contacting AVG on your behalf if the need arises.